Stony Point “Dogtrot”

STONY POINT “DOGTROT” A Dogtrot style house is split in the middle with a breezeway separating 2 wings of the house but with a common roof. It originated in the southeast to help with cooling, the kitchen often in a separate area.Chris Hays of Hays/Ewing...
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Schuyler Modern

This house was designed by award winning architect W.G. Clark and his Assistant Joshua Stastny. Mr. Clark, who is currently at UVA’s Architecture School, has won several national design competitions and 3 National Awards from the American Institute of Architects....
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James River House

This family weekend and vacation home is built on a bluff overlooking the James River near Scottsville, Va. Designed by family members, Danny and Katie MacNelly, Architecture Firm, Richmond Va. The heart of the home is the center volume with Living, Dining and Kitchen...
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PINETOP ← Batesville Traditional West Leigh Addition → Read about Our...
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