Gordon JohnsonGordon Johnson

Gordon grew up around construction, visiting job sites with his father at an early age. At 14 he began his building career and quickly developed a deep appreciation for the hard work and reward that came from working with his hands. Gordon became obsessed with learning how to master each phase of construction along the way.

Gordon graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Integrated Science & Technology and a concentration in environmental science. After graduating, he dovetailed his environmental science background with his passion for building science. In his spare time Gordon has enjoyed custom woodwork and making furniture.

“My father and I compliment each other, because we have different approaches to building that allow us to look at every situation from a different perspective. This makes us a unique and valuable team.”

Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson

I grew up outside of Philadelphia in a stone house built circa 1825. The experience of living in a house with history, simple architectural beauty and charm, strength, but also drafty windows, creaking floors and an old furnace informed my life in ways that I was unaware of at the time. Now as a builder of more than 35 years I sometimes measure my success relative to the strengths and weaknesses of that old stone house. Technology and building science have made it possible to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. Knowledge of these new systems and attention to detail is imperative to make all systems function properly together.

I believe my hands on approach backed up by my experience, and ongoing education in building science, has set me apart from most of my competitors over the past several years. Gordon provides added dimension and makes us the ideal choice for the construction of your home or addition.