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Aligns the project scope with your budget so you don’t spend more than you planned
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Provides construction management software login for up-to-date project information
Designates a site superintendent & project manager who manage the day-to-day of your project
Updates your project schedule on a weekly basis so you’re never out of the loop
Has the ability to work virtually with both local and out-of-town clients to fit your lifestyle
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The PJB Process

Delivers Your Project On Time and On Budget

Step 1

Determine the Fit

We’ll talk about your project and align the scope of work with your budget

Step 2

Develop Your Proposal

We’ll engage our team to plan your project and finalize your proposal

Step 3

Do the Work

We execute the contract, schedule the start date, and begin construction

Experience a Process You’ll Love With a Team You Can Trust

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The PJB experience was a joy from start to finish. The process and our home surpassed all of our expectations. They were a dream to work with.
The way you guided us through your building process was nothing short of fantastic.
When I checked PJB’s references they all told me to hire them immediately. Every reference was utterly pleased with the way PJB does business.

What Architects Have Said

Working with PJB was a pleasure. Their attention to detail allowed our vision to come through. We stayed on budget and on schedule without having to micromanage the process.

— Danny MacNelly

PJB is a smart builder. We introduced a number of unusual building systems and they met each challenge with great confidence. Working with PJB has been a great pleasure.

— Christopher Hays

We recommend PJB to anyone looking for a superior builder. Our clients appreciate their diligence towards the budget and schedule, and we appreciate their attention to difficult details.

— W.G. Clark and Joshua Stastny

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How much is my project going to cost?
There are many factors that lead to the final cost of your project. That’s why step 1 of the PJB Process is to “Determine the Fit.” This is where we’ll discuss the overall scope of your project and make sure we’re aligned with your expectations and your budget. Once we’ve determined your conceptual scope of work and budget is in line with what you want, then we’ll “Develop Your Proposal” and crunch the specific numbers to determine your price.
How does PJB price my project?
Your project price will be based on the scope of work determined by you and our team of professional trade partners. When you follow the PJB process, you’ll know exactly what your project will cost before we execute the construction contract.
What if I already have an architect & plans?
That’s great. Most of our clients come to us with an architect and plans already completed. We pride ourselves in coming alongside architects and owners to ensure the design intent and scope of work is achieved through our building process.
What if I don’t have any plans?
That’s not a problem. We will introduce you to the architects we regularly partner with and help you pick an architect that works best for you and your project.
Who will be managing my project?
Your project will have a designated Site Superintendent and Project Manager who oversees the day-to-day activities on your site. They will be your “Go-To” for everything related to the production of your project. Gordon and Peter Johnson will also be on your project for regular client meetings and to perform additional quality control walk-throughs.
How do you keep me updated throughout the construction process?
You will get your own Client Login to our project management platform where we will communicate with you throughout the project development and production phases. You’ll love our platform because it’s easy to use and super-convenient no matter where you are. After we develop your proposal (Step 2 in the PJB Process), our Project Coordinator will get you set up on the platform and show you how to use it.
What type of contract will work best for my project?
We only do Lump-Sum Contracts, which means you’ll know exactly what your project will cost before the construction work begins. If the scope of work doesn’t change, then neither will the price of your project. When changes do occur, whether to things outside of our control or based on changes you make, then we will price those changes and get your approval before installing the new scope of work.
I want to build a home in Charlottesville, but I don’t currently live in the area. Can you be my builder?
We only build in the Charlottesville area, but many of our clients live out-of-town, so the answer to your question is “YES”. We’ve been working with out-of-town clients for over a decade. We utilize virtual meetings, weekly update emails, and our project management platform to keep you up-to-date no matter if you’re across the country or the next town over.
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When you hire Peter Johnson Builders, you’re getting over 65 years of residential building expertise that combines Peter’s passion for architecturally significant craftsmanship with Gordon’s obsession with state-of-the-art building science.

This multigenerational business has spent decades honing their building process and business practices so you can have the peace of mind knowing you’ll get the home you deserve without the frustrations other builders produce.

Peter Johnson Builders Team

Most builders just build. But when you select the PJB team to build your project, you’re getting a team of professionals dedicated to delivering your home through a process you’ll love so much, you’ll want to tell all of your friends.

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